Desktop Application

Software that runs on a local computer, separate from browsers. That can be on a Windows system or a macOS or Linux or ..
Desktop applications may be the oldest software type for personal computers, but their development has certainly not stopped. Both in the field of data processing, links with database systems and especially in the field of presentation. The new UIs not only look better, but above all improve user-friendliness. Desktop applications are still the most suitable applications for processing and presenting complex data. Keeping an administration using a smartphone is not for tomorrow.
Commonly used are Windows Forms and WPF.

Windows Forms

Using the development  environment Microsoft Visual Studio you can create a large number of application types. Including Windows Form. I usually use Telerik tools. Objects such as Grids (table view), Gant Views to display project structures, Telerik Reporting and so on. This results in professional, user-friendly applications.

WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation

Another widely used technology for desktop systems is WPF. In the background, this requires a different programming approach. Because this works asynchronously. As a result, for example, a large amount of data is loaded into a Grid (~ table) while you are working on something completely different. But for the user, the difference is mainly reflected in the “look and feel”.