Mobile Application

Mobile applications run on various devices and operating systems. And must take into account the limitations of different devices. A wide range of technologies has emerged. And the choice depends on the target group, the necessary functionality, the data flow, etc.  Naturally, we can apply various technologies as required.
Examples? Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Felgo, Mobile Angular, but especially Telerik Native and Xamarin.


Telerik has launched an open source standard for Mobile Applications with NativeScript (and Xamarin). And because these technologies run cross-platform. NativeScript integrates Javascript, TypeScript, Angular etc.


Because we can work with Xamarin within Visual Studio, we can easily link such an application to Business and Data Layers. So we can build a desktop application, a web application and a mobile application on the same basis. Moreover, we can create 3 versions from 1 and the same Xamarin application. Android, iPhone and UWP (Universal Windows Platform, Windows Mobile, Windows 10, Windows Xbox and Windows Mixed Reality).