An administrative system linked to a Web Application. Customer, ATB Vrasene. Started small but still extensive, on customer request, still in use. Desktop Presenter Windows Forms and partly WPF. Database SQL Server 2019. Web Application in Asp.Net. From analysis to implementation, training, maintenance and data conversions. The customer’s need was mainly to get a grip on the complex product structure. 42 Technical fields, with search and filter options. Composite products, group prices, company prices, promotion prices, tiers, etc. Create Web Product pages from the Desktop Application. Components. Tasks system, Knowledge Base, Tickets, CMS system for their site. Multi user Quotation system, for distribution of tasks such as drawing up, approving and following up. Marketing system, customer mailing lists, prospects, formatting and emailing Html mails. For the UI opted for Telerik ( Project system developed with “Customer View” so that ATB could follow the development, Forecast hours, minimum, maximum, Real Time and accounts.

Human Revolution

HR Software, candidate profiles, conversion of old data to new system, link to website, via input forms. (ASP.Net, Windows Forms, SQL Server) Dynamically conceived to build additional filters. Links to process and generate various documents.

FlowBiz started 2019

Own ERP Package Inspired by SBS. But more complete. The aim is to put a modular system on the market in subscription format. Designed as a complete Paperless Office system. Agenda, tasks, Time registration, knowledge system, complex product structure, sales files etc. And should serve as the basis for Custom Made Software that can be developed as plug-ins. For example, a custom price calculation system linked to production. Management Software in Windows Forms, Client Software in WPF.

Online Auction System

Real Time Auction System, bidding from date-time to date-time, passing on new bids to all online users. So push technology, chosen for SignalR. Management software Windows Forms, SignalR and Site in Windows ASP.Net.

Football Betting System

Written for a private club of friends, not for money but for fun. Consisting of manager application, for entering matches and results. A Responsive site allows users to enter their prediction. Until the betting period ends. And the administrator prepares the booth.